About us - the hosts of the Mihaela Lake Retreat in the Rhodope mountains

We found the small village of Gnyazdovo for the first time in 2014. It captured our minds with such a harmony between quietness and marvelous view over the lake Studen kladenets. After one year, when we already grew up for the idea of creating our own housing place to meet friends and guests, we knew that it's going to be in the village of Gnyazdovo. Magical colors of this place created a vivid impulse for new life and new adventures for us. And that is how it all started.

Mihaela Lake Retreat is more than a business for us. The activities we proactively develop are the mirror of our strive to achieve sustainable attitude and to be self sufficient as much as possible. Following the rhythm of the seasons proved to be fun. Facing the local people's folklore and knowledge is quite interesting and what is more important - rewarding. The cottage became part of the small village community where we found new values and rediscovered ourselves. Now we are happy to live in a village, at a lake and in the mountains at once. Life is beautiful!

We've always loved to travel differently and loved to experience at our own pace. We are now happy to enjoy a calm and healthy life at the lake, in harmony with nature and in accordance with local life.

Peaches in the back yard

home made bread
We bake our bread

Our eyes are nature open

Eastern Rhodopes
Bike activities start from the cottage