Bulgaria Bucket List / For "soft" adventurers

A destination that is worth a visit

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    NATURE: Bulgaria is not well known destination for (Western) people to spot brown bears, lynxes and wild horses or to make an exciting adventure or bird tour through the mountains and forests. However that high valued nature experiences can also be achieved in the Eastern Rhodopes which is a mountainous area in the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria. An area with Europe’s highest biodiversity that hosts spectacular plant and wildlife species. An area where time stood still and where scenery landscapes will reignite your wanderlust.


    WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY: For the ultimate nature experience without disturbing the wildlife, several photography & observation hides are built in the Eastern Rhodopes. They open the flying doors of the Rhodopes for you to spot imperial eagle, white tailed eagle, Egyptian vulture, black vulture and griffon vulture. Wolves, jackals and foxes also come quite often.

    CULTURE and HISTORY: The Eastern Rhodopes are abundant in historical sites which are related to the Thracian times in this region. Many Thracian tombs, rocks and carved cities are still intact and worth a visit. Byzantine fortresses and old bridges also take you back in time.

    OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: If you like traveling adventurous and safe, then our active holidays are the perfect choice. Paddling kayak tours, mountain biking, rural hikes or mountaineering - it's up to you to decide how to challenge your body and heal your soul.

    View Studen kladenets lake

    BUCOLIC ENVIRONMENT: Bulgaria is the perfect destination for the countryside lovers. If you feel charmed by old wooden beams, stone tiled roofs and authentic furniture, you will highly appreciate the farm stays in the Eastern Rhodopes mountains.

    TRADITIONAL CUISINE: The Eastern Rhodopes feature their mild and sunny weather most of the year which provides a bountiful nature products. Most of the food in Eastern Rhodopes is naturally grown and enchants with its freshness and fragrance. The local recipes with origin from Thracian times are so delicious you can’t stop eating them. And don't forget to wash it down with a glass of red Bulgarian wine. Nazdrave!

    HOSPITALITY: The hospitality of local people in the Eastern Rhodopes is admirable. For Western people is unbelievable how natural is for the local farmer to open his garden to the unknown visitor and to show with great enthusiasm the types of fruits and vegetables he grows. While traveling through the Eastern Rhodopes you see traditional lifestyles like working old women in colourful clothes harvesting their own vegetables or old shepherds take their sheep and goats into nature. And most of the village people are self sufficient.