Practical information / travel resources

Bulgarian language

The official language in Bulgaria uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Many of the letters are identical to the Russian ones. The Cyrillic alphabet was created by two brothers Kiril and Methody especially for the Bulgarians in the end of the IX century. This makes us very proud and we have a special celebration day for it on May 24.

Bulgarian Currency

The Bulgarian currency is “Lev” and the coins are “stotinki”. In the year 2000 the lev was affixed to the Euro at an exchange rate of 1,95583 BGN for 1 EUR. Thus 1 EUR is almost equal to 2 BGN. We recommend you bring Euro, British pounds or US dollars when you travel to Bulgaria. It is wise to change your money only in a bank at a rate of at least 1,90 leva for 1 EUR. All Bulgarian airports and bus stations, also bigger towns have cash mashines (ATM) which is another way for obtaining some cash.

Emergency number

As Bulgaria is an EU member, the European emergency number – 112 – is available here too. It is free of charge and you can call from fixed and mobile phone throughout all the country. Call 112 if you want to reach the police, ambulance, fire brigade and mountain rescue team.